RFID - NFC Solutions

Consumer Engagement and Analytics for Brands


Brands invest heavily to engage consumers in the digital world, yet struggle to understand their post-purchase behavior because visibility blurs at the finalization of a sale. Until now, most branded products have had no connection to the digital world and have remained offline over the course of their lifetime.


Our NFC-based solution digitalizes previously offline brand items, and empowers brands with unprecedented insights through the unique digital value they provide to their consumers. Brands gain visibility into how their consumers feel about them, how they engage with their products, and how often they share their experiences with others. Previously offline brand items become a network of digital touch points to turn consumers into fans, and fans into fanatics.

The integrated solution utilizes Smartracs’s Near Field Communication (NFC) transponders that can be easily embedded into brand items and connect to consumer mobile devices.


Key Benefits

  • Added digital value for offline brand items
  • Higher consumer engagement and loyalty
  • Increased sales and marketing efficiency

Key Features

  • Consumer engagement
  • Analytics
  • Campaign management


Key Components

  • Brand item specific NFC tags
  • Dynamic content engine
  • Reporting and performance dashboards


Key Benefits and Features

  • Higher consumer engagement and loyalty
  • Network Effect - Bring your product into the digital life of the consumer and leverage industry ecosystems with content partners.
  • Consumer Acquisition and Retention – Improved CRM entry capture with streamlined targeting for follow-on sales and offers.
  • Intimate Brand Dialogue – Create meaningful relationships with consumers that will lead to repeat usage and purchasing, positive social sharing, and increased sales through new and existing channels


Deeper insights for better and faster decision making

  • Product and Consumer Lifetime Value - Relate product interactions to sales.
  • Lifetime Revenue Measurement - Measure and manage longitudinal revenue on a product and consumer basis.
  • Engagement Rate – Track product-level engagement and consumer sharing.
  • Conversion Rate – Compare conversion and redemption between online and offline engagement
  • Marketing ROI – Measure and analyze data to dictate media allocation and content distribution
  • Accelerated Trends – Immediate feedback leads to shorter product development cycles and faster launch


The NFC-based solution empowers brands with the ability to:

  • Balance content and products with trends in demand
  • Visualize product success by consumer, by product, and by style
  • Gain insights into post-purchase interactions
  • Share meaningful and effective content
  • Increase sales by understanding what consumers want
  • Enhance gross margins from sales lift