NFC Smartphones and Accessories

An NFC-enabled device can operate in reader/writer and peer-to-peer mode, and may operate in card emulation mode. Typically NFC readers are embedded into smartphones and functionality can be turned on/off by user. Some NFC smartphones also support writing mode functionality which enables tag writing. Downloadable apps such as NXP TagWriter or Tagage help to create tags easily per NFC Forum classified use cases.


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Wireless NFC accessories

Bluetooth pairing functionality can be initially established via an NFC tag. The NFC tag makes pairing easier than ever. A password or handshake protocol aren’t needed – just “touch and go”! Examples of NFC accessories include hands-free sets, speakers, mice, keyboards, headsets, computer monitors and games consoles.


USB readers

USB readers are used in situations requiring a computer to be connected to NFC readers, such as point-of-sales services, ID recognition, loyalty applications, event registration and access control.

Typical contactless technology applications include micropayments, loyalty programs, automatic fare collection systems and physical access control.

More detailed technical information about NFC USB readers can be found here.


NFC Accessories

JBL PlayUp Wireless Charging speaker for Nokia

Nokia Luna Bluetooth Headset

One2touch NFC keyboard

Parrot Speaker

Parrot Zikmu - Wireless HI-FI speakers

iCarte - The Ultimate NFC/RFID Reader for iPhone

SONY SRS-BTM8 - NFC and Bluetooth wireless 2W+2W stereo speaker unit

SONY MDR-1RBT- NFC-enabled headset

DUALI Dragon - NFC Desktop reader