Mammut Takes a Brand-New Approach to Customer Experience and Supply Chain Transparency
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Mammut Takes a Brand-New Approach to Customer Experience and Supply Chain Transparency

In January 2019, Mammut became the first outdoor sports brand to use NFC with an experience-based concept behind the technology. With that concept and Smartrac's latest NFC technology, the Swiss company is providing a “Mammut world full of inspiration” to its customers and gaining higher supply chain transparency.


With the presentation of its first NFC-enabled products during NRF 2019: Retail’s Big Show in New York, Mammut achieved a milestone on its way to becoming a digital leader in the outdoor sector.


Preparations started less than a year ago, when the outdoor brand first contacted Smartrac. In its quest for a comprehensive retail transformation from point of sale to point of experience, the Swiss company evaluated NFC technology to solve a problem that is common to most if not all brands selling physical products: a lack of visibility of the product and the customer journey - something that is traditionally lost once products get delivered to sales channels.


NFC to Create a Digital Connection Between the Product and Customer

Mammut strongly believes that NFC is the ideal technology to create a digital connection between a product and its digital product identity and a customer identity, collect product-specific customer feedback, and to offer value-added services and after-sales offerings for a unique customer experience.


To achieve all that, NFC tags are the building blocks on which these solutions are based. The Swiss brand has also launched a dedicated smartphone app, Mammut Connect, which – when a smartphone is tapped on a product’s NFC touch point – delivers digital content and services to customers throughout the product’s lifetime, as well as supporting retail channels with in-depth product information to enhance the sales process. The app connects the offline with the online world and combines hardware with software in a unique product.


Yet, product digitization starts with the appropriate RFID tag: all digitized Mammut products come with embedded Smartrac Circus™ Flex NFC tags. Equipped with the NXP NTAG 213 IC, these tags have been specifically designed to resist harsh environments, and have passed a very strong acid test as an integral part of their value proposition and a requirement to fully support a long product lifetime.


Enabling Product Digitization at Point of Manufacture

To effectively digitize its products in serial production, Mammut uses Smartrac’s innovative Smart Cosmos Enablement System at its manufacturing sites. Based on industrial-grade touchscreen PCs with NFC and barcode/QR code readers, these systems create, within a few seconds, secure digital twins of products by ‘marrying’ the unique NFC tag ID with the associated metadata of an item, e.g. serial number, Stock Keeping Unit (SKU), manufacturing line, time of manufacture, etc. The data is then uploaded to the Smart Cosmos IoT solutions platform and made available to Mammut’s IT systems. All that is done at the factory level at the end of the product line, after the tags have been embedded into the authentic Mammut products.


Higher Manufacturing Process Transparency for Mammut…

With the product enablement system and process in place, Mammut can now achieve higher manufacturing process transparency, including a real-time overview of tier one production with the Smart Cosmos dashboard, which enables Mammut to compare real output against open purchase orders.


…and Enhanced Experiences for Outdoor Enthusiasts

In addition, the NFC technology combined with the Mammut Connect app enables Mammut to deliver dedicated content and more customized services to end customers and retailers in-store. 


Mammut Connect offers a unique experience-oriented platform for outdoor enthusiasts including an innovative, emotive and interactive presentation of product information and services; great after-sales care with offers like the possibility of warranty extension; videos and stories for a virtual brand experience; and exclusive event invitations to outdoor experiences in cooperation with retail partners.


A Digital Leader and its Ecosystem

“Customers are digital, mobile and social. They communicate with brands, actively contribute and give feedback with much more concrete demands than just a few years ago. This is why Mammut is building an ecosystem. With Mammut Connect – a broad portfolio of real customer added value – we are creating an innovative platform and underlining our ambition to become digital leader in the outdoor sector,” said Oliver Pabst, CEO Mammut Sports Group AG. “Therefore, we selected a partner with a leading role in product digitization – Smartrac.”


Mammut plans to implement NFC technology across a major part of its product portfolio in the years to come – a fact that is both an incentive and an obligation for Smartrac. “Mammut is a genuine premium brand that places premium demands on its partners and suppliers in general, and on its digitization partner in particular. We are very honored to be selected by Mammut and at the same time proud that we were able to meet their demands with our market-leading products and solutions expertise,” said Christian Uhl, CEO at Smartrac.


About Mammut

Founded in 1862, MAMMUT is a Swiss outdoor company that provides high-quality products and unique brand experiences for fans of mountain sports around the world. This leading international premium brand has stood for safety and pioneering innovation for more than 155 years. MAMMUT products combine functionality and performance with contemporary design. With its combination of hardware, shoes and clothing, MAMMUT is one of the most complete suppliers in the outdoor market. MAMMUT Sports Group AG operates in around 40 countries and employs more than 820 people.