NFC Use in Electronic & Gaming

NFC brings entertainment and experience to a new world of opportunity in games and toys. NFC offers new game levels or other functionalities, combines maps with games, and makes games and playing multidimensional. It can also be put to good use for geocaching and NFC card games – let your imagination roam free!

How NFC Keeps Children Engaged with Books

Could NFC replace CDs as a way of encouraging children’s engagement with books? Read how an innovative Finnish publishing house is using NFC to take kids to the next level of entertainment.


The Fanciest and Smartest Phone Case Ever Built

Google products are always likely to cause some hype – as will the “Edition Line” series of hard cases for Google’s Nexus 6 flagship phone and selected other models. With NFC technology provided by Smartrac and Cellotape, unique functionalities and “stellar” artwork, there are some good reasons for that hype.



Change the (Card) Game with NFC

Innovation is part of Smartrac’s DNA – as is close partnerships with its customers. The recently announced exclusive cooperation with Cartamundi, the worldwide leader in the production and sale of playing cards, collectable cards and cards for board games, is a great example of both.