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NFC tags

NFC permits reading a variety of physical objects through the use of smart tags. With NFC and smart tag you will be able to instantly pull down a new recipe from a grocery store ad, get detailed information from a movie poster, select college classes, learn how to best serve your favorite wine, and so much more, all with a wave of your phone.

The applications are only limited by the imagination and creativity of the individual. This makes the experience of mobile internet and other mobile services fast and convenient, and presents new opportunities. Mobile NFC is making the ‘internet of things’ a reality, opening the world of NFC applications to new audiences, including advertisers, marketing agencies and potentially to every consumer using a mobile NFC phone.


Retail Environment

In retail applications NFC is used for information and product authentication and customization. NFC offers endless opportunities for marketing, campaigns, promotions, discounts and customer loyalty or membership benefits.

Social Media

NFC technology offers outstanding opportunities for social media updates, communication, check-ins, location information sharing and promoting products and events in social media.

Games & Toys

NFC enhances the entertainment and experience with games and toys, introducing new game levels or functionalities like geocaching.


NFC gives truly accurate location information for navigation, access control, security checks, healthcare, online schedules and orienteering purposes.

Media & Ads

With NFC you can upload ringtones or schedules. The cross-media functionalities of embedded NFC tags attached to printed publications can provide access to exclusive internet content or downloadable smartphone apps.

Business Cards & Calendars

NFC makes it fast and easy to save contact details or add calendar entries to your NFC smartphone and CRM systems.

Loyalty Apps

NFC offers many retail related loyalty application possibilities: key chains, personalized promotions or greetings for instance.

Electronics Pairing

Electronics pairing is easy and fast with NFC –pair your NFC mobile phone with a wireless keyboard or any other mobile phone accessory.

Product Authentication

Authenticating products, their origin and production chains is reliable with NFC. Especially in the pharmaceutical or spirits industries, NFC can save lives.

Ticketing & Monetary Transactions

Pay for your shopping in stores with an NFC payment sticker on your mobile phone, or pay with an NFC-enabled travel card on public transportation.